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Parents of the Smallest Babies in P.E.I. Intensive Care Unit Getting More Involved Early On – CBC News

“Under the new program, families learn to change their preemie babies’ diapers, take their temperature, and feed them. They participate in bedside rounds with their babies’ health-care team and document each day’s progress in a journal. Families are encouraged to ask questions.”

“They want you to start doing everything for the baby,” Bice said. “Like, at first it was different. She was so small compared to my other daughter when she was born — and even changing her bum was weird — but, like, now it’s OK.”



Home is at the Heart of Neonatal Intensive Care – Arch Magazine 

“Health-care providers in NICU know what to do to save babies’ lives and they know to do it fast,” says Benzies. “But something was missing. It was time for a culture shift that operates out of strong research that shows infants grow faster and have less stress when their family is a big part of their lives, right from the moment of admission to the NICU.”



Feature video by the University of Calgary :

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