We Bridge The Gap

between parents and health care providers to build nurturing environments for all young children.

Overview of Liminality

System-wide deployments within integrated care delivery organizations

Parents of young children are deeply influenced and shaped by their relational experiences with health and social services providers during the transition from pregnancy to early parenthood. These experiences take place in the ‘liminal space’ where therapeutic relationships unfold.

Liminality’s evidence-based innovations are for health and social service providers working with expectant mothers and parents of healthy and ill infants and toddlers. Our solutions intentionally focus on the liminal space to develop mutually beneficial relationships with families within busy clinical environments. With these relationships, parents and providers become partners in care of infants and young children, which results in better outcomes for all. 

We know what works!
Liminality is built on over 20 years of clinical and scientific experience in health and social service systems. 

Find out what partnering with Liminality can do for you

Liminality works with you to implement large scale quality improvement initiatives because we provide the training and support. Our approach supports health and social service systems to simultaneously improve outcomes and increase sustainability.

Continuing professional development to integrate families into neonatal care teams.

Standardized implementation processes make quality improvement easy and sustainable. 

To learn more about the benefits of Merge™ for health systems, download this peer-reviewed paper.


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